Kamari village

Kamari village is situated on the eastern side of Santorini. It is well-known for its never-ending black beach. In contrast to many other locations on the island, Kamari is endowed with an abundance of flora and fauna, as well as a large selection of restaurants, clubs, bars and cafés for your entertainment and relaxation. Kamari village, where Arion Bay is located offers daily a wide range of slow tourism and eco – friendly activities:

  • Walking excursions: most famous of them are to Ancient Thira, to the Profitis Ilias Greek orthodox Monastery and Pyrgos village, to the old village of Exo Gonia, to the Episkopi Greek orthodox monastery.
  • Wine Tasting: famous wineries are established in Kamari and offer wine taste experience among picturesque local vineyards.

  • Local Gastronomy: many restaurants with local and Greek cuisine.

  • Cycling.

  • Walking.

  • Running.

  • Rock Climbing (Mesa Vouno)

  • Local Activities: local religious celebrations (Panagia Mirtidiotissa 24 of September, Panagia Episkopi 15 of August, Agios Nektarios 9 of November, Orthodox Easter – different date of celebration each year) and other local cultural events.

  • Open Air Summer Cinema: one of the most famous of the world.


Santorini Island belongs to the incomparable Cyclades cluster and is considered one of the most unique and beautiful islands in Greece. It is famous for its sunset views, its volcano and Caldera, its glorious ancient sites and its contrasting colours and sands due to the volcanic character of the area. Santorini is truly a holiday destination for everyone, since some areas of the island are ideal for peaceful vacations, while others are exciting and full of cosmopolitan nightlife and activity.

Island Nature

The island’s current form was created about 3,700 years ago by a cataclysmic volcanic eruption which blew the main body of Thera away and left the current iconic shape of the Caldera — a crescent of steep cliffs plunging into the glittering Aegean sea.

The bluffs themselves are well-worth checking out and you get an equally stunning view of them from the deck of a boat. They feature an array of multi-coloured rock types that paint amazing rainbow affects onto the cliffs and detail the geological history of the island.



An excursion to the volcano on Nea Kameni — the heart of the island’s natural history – will leave you in the glory of geothermal pools and the views of Santorini’s cliffs at sea level will live you speechless and will offer you a rare chance to visit a live volcano crater.

Among the island’s exquisite archaeological sites the Bronze Age Settlement of Akrotiri is a gem of the antiquity. As it was covered in lava for centuries, it is excellently preserved up to date, so today visitors can admire the multi-storied houses, the paved streets and the exquisite sewage system of a great civilization before it was abruptly destroyed. Another historic site of tremendous archaeological interest is the city of Ancient Thira, built on a steep mountain on the headland between the two popular beaches of Kamari and Perissa, the ruins of which date back to the 9th century BC.

Walking excursions, also offer the best way to get to experience the island's natural beauty and geological uniqueness, to smell the sea breeze of the caldera that is mixed with the scents of herbs and soil and to walk on ancient paths of incomparable beauty.

Santorini is also widely known for its exquisite wines including the famous vinsanto. Many wineries (canavas) are open to visitors who are able to taste them. In wine museums you can learn more about the history and the secrets of this nectar.

Tradition and customs are not bypassed. On the contrary, they are cherished and preserved by the people of Santorini and are integrated in their modern culture. You will find many opportunities to bet closer to what really Santorini is, through festivals, tastes, products and agricultural methods, music and social events. In the folklore museum you can admire how a part of that tradition is exhibited.

The architecture of Santorini is a unique element since it presents shape and construction methods found nowhere else in Greece. Houses and churches are set wisely and made especially in this particular way in order to be protected by the fierce wind and their constant exposure to the sun.

There many unique museums to visit in Santorini: Museum of Prehistoric Thera (Fira), Marine Museum (Oia), Musical Instruments Museum of Thera (Oia), Museum of Minerals and Fossils (Perissa), The ecclesiastical Museum (Pyrgos), Santorini of the past (Pyrgos), Folklore Museum of Em. Lignos (Kontohori) , Argyros Mansion (Mesaria), Megaro Gyzi (Fira), Santozeum (Fira), Tomato Industrial Museum (Vlyhada), Canava Santorini Loukas Lygnos (Mesaria), Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum (Vothonas), Santorini Arts Factory (Vlyhada), La ponta (Akrotiri).