is beachfront accommodation complex

set on the edge of the picturesque village of Kamari on the east side of the island, right in front of the endless black beach...

the beach


the experience of beach life

Free yourself by walking barefoot with loose clothing, under the Greek sun... Yes, you are in Arion Bay in the unique Kamari beach!



unique and beautiful

famous for its sunset views, its volcano and Caldera, its glorious ancient sites and its contrasting colours ...
Arion Bay welcomes you to unique Santorini, where the sensational nature meets a culture of ancient beauty and glory, and where warm people will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

Our philosophy

Our goal is to create your own unforgettable holiday experience, so we make everything possible to ensure that you feel at home and enjoy your stay. Our love and passion for Santorini inspires us to do everything that goes by our hand to ensure the most authentic vacation experience for our guests, offering them our warmest hospitality.
"A landscape is not, as some people perceive it, a simple set of land, plants and water. It is the projection of its people's soul on the materials"
Odysseas Elytis (Greek Poet)